New article on game-meat consumption

Victor Lizana and Jesús Cardells in collaboration with researchers from the IREC have conducted a timely study about the hygienic and sanitary aspects of self‐consumption of game-meat in Eastern Spain. After interviewing 472 hunters, they have found that most of the hunters carry carcases in their vehicles. On the other hand, 61% of dressing sites were outdoors, 68% of hunters use specific knives, 64% wear the same hunting clothes and 42% used disposable gloves. Veterinary inspection and freezing practices are irregular among the participants. The most usual way to dispose of the remains was in garbage containers (41%); offal abandonment in the field was 33%, and 13% fed pets using the remains. Our colleagues concluded that public health authorities should publish guidelines for dressing facilities and other hygienic habits for hunter associations.

Safe Game. Hygienic habits in self-consumption of game meat in Eastern Spain