María Escobar González

PhD Student

Facultat de Veterinaria, Edifici V, V0-327
Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
E-08193 Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès)

Telephone: +34 935 813 109

I studied Veterinary Medicine aiming to contribute to the field of Wildlife conservation. After several years devoting my career to exotics and small animals practice in order to gain clinical knowledge that I could eventually apply to wildlife medicine and conservation, I realised that populations management and disease research are essential in this field. My research interests focus on conservation biology and ecology, with special attention to the impact of human activities on natural ecosystems, human-wildlife conflicts management and infectious diseases ecology. My PhD focuses on urban and peri-urban wild boar ecology in an anthrophized environment as well as the evaluation of the management measures previously implemented to control this species’ presence and abundance in the area of Barcelona.