The Veterinary Clinical Haematology Service (SHCV, for its acronym in Spanish) is a laboratory of the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB) specializing in animal hematology. It focuses on laboratory diagnosis of biological samples of animal origin, applied research in clinical pathology data in domestic, wildlife, experimental animals, and teaching support.

SHCV services

The laboratory analyzes biological samples from different animal species (hematology, coagulation and thromboelastography tests, body fluids, mass cytology, and leukemia typing). Our mission is to provide highly reliable laboratory results with strict quality control and traceability.

The SHCV collaborates in teaching several subjects of the Degree in Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. We welcome students who, having already graduated, wish to obtain further training in the clinical laboratory. Europen College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology has recognized our laboratory to train candidates who want to take the exam to get the degree of Diplomate in Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

With almost 30 years of experience, we provide support to veterinarians, researchers, and public and private companies, who require it to interpret the results of pathological data obtained from the submitted samples. We provide our experience and support to their project proposals in topics such as evaluating new hematological analyzers in the market or implementing a quality control system in the laboratory.

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